Do you also love animals, are you touched by their fate and would you like to help them and take care of them? You can help us to help more animals by sponsoring an animal. With this financial help we can feed the animals and give them the best care possible, but also invest in more education and conservation. 

You can choose your favorite animal below. Just click on your favorite to start the sponsorship application!


These sponsorships are also perfect as a gift to someone who loves animals! 


The chosen animal will stay in the zoo! You only sponsor it digitally. There are also more people who can adopt 1 animal, since the care for an animal costs a lot more than the cost of 1 sponsorship.

The adoption is for one year, which can be extended an unlimited number of times.

An adoption includes:

  • A welcome and thank you letter
  • An adoption certificate with color picture from the animal with your name on
  • A fact sheet about this animal species
  • Your name at the enclosure of the sponsored animal
  • An invitation to our yearly sponsor day

The price mentioned is FOR 1 YEAR. After 1 year you will have the chance to sponsor the animal again for a year. If not, the sponsorship will stop automatically and no further costs will come.