To ensure a safe visit, for both our visitors and our animals, we ask you to always follow our house rules.

By buying an entrance ticket to Mecske ZOO in Erdősmecske, the visitor understands and agrees to follow the rules of the ZOO at all time, and understands that not following these rules can lead to the request to leave the zoo premises.


  • Visiting the ZOO is subject to payment of an entrance fee. Visitors are obliged to keep the ticket throughout the entire duration of their visit and present such ticket to the ZOO staff upon request. The entrance ticket is valid from the moment of buying untill the closing of the ZOO that same day.
  • Payment of the entrance fee shall not entitle the Visitor to enter the areas closed off from the public or to infringe the rules set out in the Visiting Rules.
  • The price of the tickets and the available discounts are specified in a separate price table posted at the ticket office in a clearly visible place. The ZOO holds the right to change these prices during the year, at the start of the day, but not during the open hours.
  • No repeat entry shall be allowed with a ticket already used for ZOO entry, hence a new ticket is required to be purchased. If the visit is interrupted, the ZOO is not obliged to reimburse the price of the purchased ticket.
  • The ZOO holds the right to remove visitors from the ZOO premises when the rules are not followed or harm is done towards the animals, staff members or other visitors, and can also deny visitors the entry tot he park when previous problems occured.
  • The ZOO can only be visited during opening hours. Visitors must leave the area before closing time.
  • The currently effective opening hours are displayed at the entrance of the ZOO and on the website of the ZOO. The ZOO has the right to change the opening hours in justified cases, as long as these are communicated at the INFO points or on the website or social media before normal opening hours.
  • The ZOO has the right to close off certain areas, buildings or exhibitions in certain cases. No subsequent compensation or ticket price reduction is allowed in such an event.
  • Persons under the age of 14 visiting the ZOO are considered children and may only enter and remain on the premises if accompanied and supervised by an adult. The accompanying adult is responsible for ensuring that the child complies with the Visiting Rules. The accompanying adult shall remain with the child at all times during the visit and shall pay particular attention to the safety of the child in their care and the safety of the child's property throughout the visit. The ZOO shall not undertake any liability for damages resulting from failure of the above.
  • Leaders of children's groups shall also be liable for ensuring that the Visiting Rules are observed by themselves and their group members on the premises of the ZOO. The leaders and chaperones of child groups shall remain with the group of children at all times during the visit and shall pay particular attention to the safety of the children group led by them and the safety of the child group's property throughout the visit.


  • Visitors have to stay on the designated paths and are prohibited of climbing fences, or entering areas that are not open for public.
  • The use of the playgrounds and activities within the zoo is at your own risk. Children must be supervised.
  • Visitors acknowledge that some of the animals living in the ZOO are dangerous or highly dangerous, which are extremely hazardous to approach. Observing the prohibition signs posted at the animals is obligatory. It is forbidden to enter or climb inside the barriers, fences or fence lines intended to stop visitors. It is strictly forbidden to reach out or enter or penetrate with a body part or with any object into any enclosure used for keeping animals that is enclosed by fences, bars, pens, nets, glass, walls or any other means.
  • There are certain specially designated animal exhibition areas open to the public, known as immersion attractions, where animals not classified as dangerous are shown to the public. Touching animals here can hold risks, so Visitors may do so at their own risk, even when a ZOO staff member trained to assist is present. The behaviour of the animals and their reactions to certain unexpected moves, sounds or even fragrances are unpredictable and hence even species otherwise appearing to be peaceful may bite, ram, sting, etc.! Touching the animals in these areas is always on own risk.
  • In the event of any accident or extraordinary event, the employees of the ZOO must be notified; they shall take the measures required according to the respective action plan and shall notify the competent leaders of the Institution.
  • The ZOO does not undertake any liability for accidents resulting from entry to areas that are closed off for the public.
  • Visitors are obliged to observe the rules intended to serve the well-being of animals. It is strictly forbidden to hurt, provoke or irritate the animals in any way or to put any unauthorised objects into the animal enclosure, such as feeding items not given by a zookeeper.
  • It is prohibited to bring dogs, pets or other animals into the ZOO, since their presence represents an increased threat to animal health. Assistance dogs having the required documents and certificate of vaccination are an exception to this rule.
  • It is prohibited for Visitors to take the following objects onto the premises of the ZOO: balloons, dangerous objects, any tool with a sharp or cutting edge, weapons, pyrotechnic tools, any mind-altering substances and alcohol or any other device capable of frightening the animals or constituting a danger to the health or calm of the animals or disturbing the peace of mind of the Visitors.
  • Radios and speakers are prohibited, as so for other musical instruments, for the well-being of our animals and the rest of our other visitors.
  • Visitors acknowledge that, for security reasons, the ZOO premises are controlled by surveillance cameras and the images are recorded for the duration specified by law. By purchasing tickets and/or passes, Visitors accept and consent that recordings can be made of them in this way during their visit. No claim may be raised in connection with this.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the ZOO premises. It is strictly prohibited to throw any burning cigarette butts away or into the rubbish bins.
  • The ZOO does not accept any liability, financial or otherwise, for objects lost in the ZOO or getting into the animal enclosures. Found objects can be dropped off and picked up at the INFO at the main entrance to the ZOO.
  • Visitors have full liability for any damage caused by them.
  • All emergency instructions, given by ZOO staff, in case of an evacuation or other emergencies have to be followed.


  • Visitors to the ZOO may take photographs and record moving images for private purposes in the areas of the ZOO open to the general public, in compliance with the currently effective legislation and these Visiting Rules.
  • Visitors are not allowed to fly drones or record images by the cameras installed on such drones over the area of the ZOO and in its airspace; furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to record images by reaching into the yards or enclosures of the animals due to the increased safety risk involved.
  • The written permission of the ZOO or a prior contract agreement entered into for that purpose shall be required if the recordings made in the areas of the ZOO are intended to be used for non-private purposes, in particular for commercial or business purposes. In this case, the creator and the user of the photos shall assume full financial and legal responsibility for the observance of the personality rights of the persons in the photos.
  • By entering the zoo, the visitors grant their consent to using photographs or audio, audio-visual or visual recordings made of them during their stay in the ZOO. The recordings will be used for the ZOO's promotional purposes and the persons in these recordings will not be entitled to any reimbursement. As far as these images are concerned, the Visitor, by purchasing the ticket, accepts that if they are included in the image with at least two other persons then it qualifies as a mass image, and if the image includes, in addition to the Visitor concerned, a ZOO animal, plant or building or facility, in a discernible manner, the image concerned does not qualify as their personal portrayal, but as a view of the ZOO, and hence no claim can be raised by the Visitor regarding making or using the given image on the grounds of the right to personal portrayal.


  • Only visitors with a valid ticket for our animal encounters are accepted in the meet-and-greets. No other visitors can join,
  • All animal interaction are on own risk, even while attended by a professional zookeeper during the session.
  • All rules and guidelines, given by the Zoo staff, should be followed for your own safety and the safety of our animals.
  • The ZOO staff holds the right to stop the encounter when rules are not followed or animals are harmed. No subsequent compensation or ticket price reduction is allowed in such an event.
  • The ZOO holds the right to cancel an encounter, when the animal is not in a state to work (a.e. when an animal is sick, in a bad mood or can form a threath to the visitors). In this case, a refund will be made or a new date will be sceduled.

Remember, these rules are put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both visitors and animals, and to maintain the zoo's conservation efforts. Enjoy your visit!