Are you looking for a project to support, without being in the need of getting something in return? Are you willing to help us providing the necessary care to all our residents?

Look no further! Via this way you can donate a chosen amount to our project.

Would you prefer to receive something in return? Please take a look at our animal sponsorship program!

Not only financial help is help. We can always use building materials, food and other supplies to go on with our work. If you want to donate something to us, please:

  • Check in the list below if we are in need of these items. Not in the list? Please contact us first.
  • If you want to donate food for animals, please make sure none of them have been treated with pesticides.
  • Understand that all donated materials are for the complete project. It is nice to have favorites, but keep in mind that we can't always guarantee that the donated products will go to one specific, favorite, animal. It will always be used where it is needed the most.



At this moment we are looking for 2-3 wooden picknick tables for our Farmyard area. Do you have any available (new or secondhand), or can you offer a discount on these products? Please contact us via .
Sponsor plates and free tickets for companies can be arranged.