In the hidden corners of Baranya, we find the beautiful village Erdősmecske. Home to more animals than people, it was the perfect place to start a small sanctuary for reptiles and small mammals. At least, that was the plan! Running from the concrete jungle in Belgium, founder and owner Sharon Oplinus brought her collection of animals, from who most of them were abandonned pets, to this hidden gem in Hungary. But before she even knew it, it grew into a ZOO, open for public and creating even more temporary and permanent places for exotic animals looking for a safe haven.

In 2018 the ZOO opened for the fist time under the name REPZOOTIC, but without the intention to be a big visitor attraction. Opening a ZOO and getting the licences was more a necessarity than a wish. But it has led to what we now know as MECSKE ZOO.

Mecske ZOO could be called an accidental zoo. It.. just happened! The ZOO is functioning mainly as a permanent rescue, also called sanctuary, for exotic animals that were abandonned, given up on or simply surplus. These animals can't be released anymore, and spend their (last) years in peace in this natural and silent place. While doing so, they fulfill the job as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, by winning over hearts and spreading information about conservation.

So, what is the plan, you ask. Mecske ZOO is still under full developement and will keep continuing to grow and become better. For the animals, and the people.

While visiting us you won't find a tiger, but instead a sneaky serval. No elephants here, but more unknown laughing birds and nocturnal hunters. The zoo focusses mainly on animal rescue, and showcasing the more unknown (and therefore sometimes unloved) species of mammals, birds and reptiles.
A lot of these animals can be seen from up close, and during our animal presentations you can even touch or hold some of our small critters.

If you are looking for a natural beauty, special animal species and a family-friendly environment, then Mecske ZOO is the place to be. We hope to meet you soon!