Three months of animal adventure at Mecske Zoo!

We have so many experiences behind us already, that it is almost unbelievable that only three months have passed since the renewed Mecske Zoo opened its doors to visitors.

A lot of programs, laughter, fun and games fit into this relatively short time! It was a heart-warming feeling to see the smiling little faces on our programs, while playing, looking for treasure or petting little foxes!

There was a lot of fun and a record number of visitors on the Opening Weekend, a treasure hunt and lots of adventures on the Civet Weekend. We celebrated Earth Day, May Day, spent Pentecost together, celebrated the children in a worthy way on Children's Day, the Zoo was enriched with new residents, we celebrated birthdays, we built, beautified, and developed during these 3 months.

We can promise you that in the remaining months of the season we will continue to improve, provide you with the best possible visitor experience and provide our residents with the most appropriate home.

Our enthusiasm is unbroken and we are waiting for you with many exciting programs and surprises in the coming months!

Thank you for sharing these experiences with us, stay with us!