Although we are a small zoo, we don't have big animals or huge extra service areas, development is important to us and we are constantly working to ensure that our residents can live with us in better and better conditions, that our family expands with new members, and that our visitors can also encounter an increasingly exciting and beautiful environment.

We try to listen to all opinions and requests in order to respond to emerging needs, among other things, this is what spurs us to improve every day.

Thanks to this, in preparation for the opening, we carried out a number of renovations, but we have not stopped since then, the runway for the little burrowing owl boy, named by the visitors, has been completed, a new visitor station has been created at several points, we have installed directional arrows next to the visitor paths, sun sails have been placed over the rest areas, and the enclosure for our new residents is almost completely finished.

Our enthusiasm is unbroken, our passion for work never wanes, we thank you for all your support and for being with us on this journey!