May Day is one of the most popular spring holidays, when we honour to nature, celebrate the revival of our environment, its incredible fertility and wonderful colors with fun, colorful, music and dance events.

At the Mecske Zoo, you can do both, in a wonderful natural environment you can connect with the animals, with nature itself, and you can also participate in the festival feeling! We are preparing for May Day with many programs and activities!

A maytree awaits visitors in the Zoo, on which everyone can pin their own colorful ribbon, which will be given as a gift with the ticket upon entry.

You could participate in exciting creative games, such as coloring and word search games, and face painting awaits young and old alike!

As part of the program, our Farm is also open, so you can get closer to the animals that live here, the petting zoo is waiting for you, and you can also get to know the youngest residents of our Zoo, the baby bunnies born in April.

And so that the festival atmosphere is not left behind, music and lanterns await you in the Zoo area!

Join us on this Animal May Day!